Biosciences – Greenville Area Development Corporation

With the wealth of pharmaceutical and medical device companies located in this region, such as Bausch & Lomb, Nutra Manufacturing, and International Vitamin Corporation (IVC), the Greenville area has positioned itself well for the dynamic growth within the biosciences industry. The current infrastructure, extensive research and development, and partnerships with Clemson University establish an exceptional foundation upon which you and your organization can thrive. In addition, Greenville’s workforce in this field currently ranks fifth in terms of largest MSAs dedicated to the biosciences, as stated in the 2010 study conducted by Battelle. As you look for growth in the coming years, look to Greenville as one of the game-changers in the drug and pharmaceutical industry.

Contract Manufacturing

  • Patheon – Process Development and Manufacturing of APIs
  • Ortec – Polymer Technology, Medical Material, and Custom Chemical Synthesis
  • Pharmaceutical Associates – Liquid Pharmaceuticals


  • Nutra – Vitamins, Dietary Supplements, and Nutritional Therapy Products
  • IVC (formerly Perrigo)  – OTC and Prescription Pharmaceuticals, Nutritional Products, APIs, and Consumer Products


South Carolina Life Sciences Act

  • Incentive program to offset expenses associated with a new or expanded life sciences facility investing a minimum of $100 million in said project in addition to other guidelines stated online in full.

Nationally Ranked

  • According to the Batelle/BIO State Bioscience Initiatives 2010 study, Greenville’s private workforce was ranked as the fifth-most MSAs to support the drug and pharmaceutical industries, based on location quotient
  • In the same study, Greenville ranked as one of the Top 25 MSAs in the nation, based on overall employment levels within the drug and pharmaceutical fields

Large Drug & Pharmaceutical Workforce

  • Greenville County houses over 34% of South Carolina’s private employment within the drug & pharmaceutical industry
  • 87% of the companies located within Greenville County take advantage of the county’s skilled private workforce and partnerships with Clemson University

Greenville Hospital System/Clemson University Biomedical Cooperative

  • Links Clemson’s expertise in biomedical engineering research with the clinical expertise of the hospital system to advance knowledge of the clinical and biomedical sciences

Medical Device Cluster in Upstate South Carolina

  • Over 50 Medical Device companies represented in the region
  • Acknowledged in a recent Battelle report as one of six emerging medium-sized U.S. regions for the Medical Device industry

Medical Devices Supply Chain

  • Raw Materials (Ortec, Inc.)
  • Materials Synthesis Processing (Poly-Med, Inc.)
  • Subcomponent Manufacturing (St. Jude Medical)
  • Functional Device Manufacturing (Bausch & Lomb and CreatiVasc)
  • Post-Manufacturing Processing (STERIS Isomedix Services)
  • Distribution & Sales (I-85, GSP Intl. Airport, In-State Charleston Seaport)

Clemson University

The Department of Genetics & Biochemistry

Genetic Research

  • Human, Animal, Plant, Microbial, Molecular, and Biometrical Genetics

Biochemical Research

  • Plant Hormones and Nodulation, Desaturases of Plant Biomembranes, DNA Repair, Protein Engineering, Signal Transduction in Mammalian Cell Systems, Biochemistry of Cellular Stress in Plants and Animals

Specialized Research Laboratories

  • DNA Sequencing, Monoclonal Antibody, Computerized Bioinstrumentation, Image Analysis, Confocal/Electron Microscopy, Small-Animal Care Facility

The Department of Bioengineering

Bioelectrical Engineering
Biomaterials Engineering

Departmental focuses on cardiovascular devices and implantology, orthopaedic materials, tissue engineering, hybrid systems, biophotonics, nanoscale biointerfaces, biomolecular simulations, dental biomaterials, and mechanobiology.

Clemson University Graduate Program of Environmental Toxicology

Graduate program focuses on training students in environmental toxicology in areas such as chemical fate, bioavailability, biological effect, tosicokinetics, and mechanisms of action.

Clemson University Genomics Institute (CUGI)

The Clemson University Genomics Institute focuses on development and distribution of high quality genomic and bioinformatic tools and services for the life science community.

Godley-Snell Research Center (GSRC)

The Godley-Snell Research Center is a centralized animal research facility on the campus of Clemson University. GSRC has 22,000 square feet dedicated to maintaining a variety of laboratory animal species used in research and teaching programs at Clemson University.

Greenville Technical College Associate in Science Degree with Biotechnology Concentration

  • Strong emphasis on hands-on laboratory sessions
  • Theoretical and practical background in biotechnological techniques and applications
  • Limited enrollment that lends to an individualized learning environment

Located at Greenville Memorial Hospital University Medical Center, ITOR was created in 2004 to provide some of the most advances cancer treatments available while bringing greater efficiency in the development of life-saving cancer drugs. ITOR’s focus is on developing patient-specific therapies that target the right drug to the right patients.

Clinical Research Unit (Phase I)

  • Community-based phase 1 oncology drug development unit with the ability to move agents from the laboratory to patients
  • On average, more than 30 trials open to patient enrollment at any given time
  • Only facility in the state performing first in human oncology drug trials and gene-based therapy using live viral vectors as a treatment for cancer

Biorespitory Services

  • The Total Cancer Care Program at ITOR is a prestigious national program through collaboration with the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute that uses gene-based technology to create drug therapies personalized to each patient.
  • One of the first sites in the nation to offer the Caris Target Now™ Program, a comprehensive tumor analysis coupled with an exhaustive clinical literature search.

Innovation Zone

  • Over 20,000 square feet of dynamic convergence between private sector tenants, academic researchers, and clinicians that has resulted in numerous collaborations and discoveries.
  • Currently home to industry tenants Kiyatec, NUBAD, and Purilogics, University of South Carolina School of Medicine-Greenville research faculty, and Greenville Health System clinical researchers.

Rare Tumor Center

  • Nationally unique center focused on rare cancers.
  • Made possible by philantropic donations and research efforts supported by Foundation Medicine, Inc.

Augusta Grove

  • 1,100 acre, master-planned park with a special I-2 zoning classification and restrictive covenants that make it ideally suited for research and development facilities
  • Located in southern Greenville County, SC within 4 miles of I-85

Fluor Corporation

Fluor’s Life Sciences Group completed a conceptual biotech manufacturing layout for a 190 acre site at the Augusta Grove Business Park. Commissioned by the GADC, the design includes 2 bulk cell culture API manufacturing facilities, a bulk API fill & finish facility, an R&D facility and room for potential clinical scale manufacturing.

Greenville Water System

  • Resources
    • Table Rock Reserve, Poinsett Reservoir are both wholly owned by Greenville County
    • Lake Keowee is in agreement with Pickens County to supply water to the Greenville System
  • Water Quality
    • Consistently receives the highest of three possible ratings from South Carolina DHEC
    • Known as one of the largest and purest watersheds in the US
    • Water Quality Report
  • Water Quantity
    • 135 MGD permitted capacity; 100 MGD maximum daily demand

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