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Target Industries

The Greenville Area Development Corporation Business recruitment efforts are focused on key target industry segments. Offering an ideal balance of skilled workforce, essential infrastructure, pro-business mindset, quality of life, and other corporate relocation advantages, Greenville, SC is uniquely positioned to respond to the needs of these target industries.

Advanced Materials

The area’s historic foundation in advanced manufacturing has led to a progressive focus on advanced materials and composites such as polymers, metal alloys, and nano-materials. Greenville, SC has the work force, infrastructure, research initiatives, and collaborative environment necessary to foster businesses in this sector as they develop materials that are integral to advancing many different industries.

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With more than 120 automotive organizations/suppliers in the metro area and over 30,000 employed in auto-related organizations, the automotive industry is the area’s predominant cluster. Business relocation to Greenville, SC provides automotive companies with many competitive advantages, from an ample, skilled workforce to sites well-suited to unique manufacturing needs to convenient access to interstates and ports.

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An extensive infrastructure and the availability of a skilled workforce make Greenville, SC a natural magnet for the aviation industry. The area’s existing aviation companies provide a high concentration of expertise in propulsion systems and maintenance/modification, while other industry clusters provide the opportunity for unique research collaboration, particularly with the automotive and advanced materials sectors.

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A high concentration of pharmaceutical and biotech talent and groundbreaking R&D facilities make Greenville, SC an emerging bioscience industry center in the Southeast. Corporate relocation to Greenville, SC provides bioscience companies with access to innovative resources tailored to the specialized needs of the genetics, bioinformatics, genomics, environmental toxicology, and biomedical arenas.

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Data Centers

The Greenville, SC area is an attractive choice for data center facilities thanks to a number of competitive advantages, including a low natural disaster risk, low cost power, and redundant fiber.  Multiple active data centers are already located in the Greenville area and several additional sites are available for rapid development.

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Headquarters and Office

Greenville County is home to more than 40 Fortune 500 companies and over 20 HQ operations. The region also boasts more than 240 international companies and the most foreign investment per capita in the country. An ideal location, strong entrepreneurial climate, skilled workforce, high quality of life, and a range of other features support business relocation of offices to Greenville, SC.

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