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The Greenville Area Development Corporation (GADC) provides site selection consulting for businesses considering Greenville, SC for their expansion or relocation project. To make the site location process as simple as possible, your GADC team can provide a range of key services, including identifying potential sites, coordinating tours, making confidential inquiries, and serving as a liaison with government agencies and the local business community.

We routinely work with site selection consultants, business executives, and other parties involved in the site selection process to ensure a collaborative effort that considers both the immediate and the long-term needs of your organization. Specifications such as site size and zoning, interstate accessibility, and other business priorities are used to find the location that will help your project succeed.

Our site location consulting services help businesses considering expanding or relocating to Greenville, SC find the location that works for their organization. Please view the available sites listed above and contact us for additional assistance.

Posting Requirements

Download the PDF below for the requirements for posting property to the GADC website

Industrial Sites

AcresNameFlyerPhoto/Topo MapFeaturesFeaturesFeatures
167Augusta Road (Hwy 25) / McKinney SiteFlyerPhoto/Topo Map
161Milacron Drive SiteFlyerDrone Video
149Augusta Grove - Lot 15Flyer
140Augusta Grove - Lot 20FlyerPhoto/Topo Map
140SC TAC - Parcel AFlyerPhoto/Topo MapRunway Access
139South Greenville Enterprise Park, Site OneFlyer
125Park West 85FlyerBTS
116Fork Shoals Road Industrial SiteFlyer
101Augusta Grove - Lot 14Flyer
97South Greenville Enterprise Park, Site TwoFlyer
95Wilson Bridge Road (Plaxco)Flyer
61Augusta Grove - Lot 21Flyer
59Augusta Grove - Lot 9FlyerPhoto/Topo Map
56Standing Springs at Neely Ferry 1Flyer
54Augusta Grove - Lot 10Flyer
52Tellus SiteFlyerRail Access
521134 White Horse Rd (I-85 / Whitehorse Rd, East Site)FlyerPhoto/Topo Map
48Lakeside Business Park, portionFlyerPhoto/Topo Map
44South Greenville Enterprise Park, Site ThreeFlyer
41Augusta Grove - Lot 1Flyer
35Grove Reserve ParkwayFlyer
32I-385 Frontage Road A SiteFlyerPhoto/Topo Map
27Old Highway 14, South (Greer)FlyerPhoto/Topo Map
26Standing Springs at Neely Ferry 2Flyer
25Augusta Grove - Lot 18Flyer
23SC TAC - Parcel G (Aviation District)FlyerPhoto/Topo MapRunway Access
22SE Main Street, Simpsonville (Stone CSX)FlyerPhoto/Topo MapRail AccessBTS
20Augusta Grove - Lot 5Flyer
19299 Black Hawk Road(dual rail servedFlyerRail Access
18SC TAC - Parcel E (Executive District)Flyer
15Greenville Downtown Airport - Tower Drive SiteFlyerPhoto/Topo MapRunway Access
12Greenville Downtown Airport - Airport Rd SiteFlyerPhoto/Topo MapRunway Access
12Beechtree Business Park SiteFlyerProposed Site Plan
10Park Commerce - Parcel IFlyerBTS Opportunity
10Augusta Grove - Lot 7Flyer
9Park Commerce - Parcel IIFlyerBTS Opportunity
825551 Miller RoadFlyer
7Augusta Grove - Lot 19Flyer
6Greenville Downtown Airport - Watson Road SiteFlyerPhoto/Topo MapRunway Access
5Greenville Downtown Airport - Byrdland Dr SiteFlyerPhoto/Topo MapRunway Access
5Augusta Grove - Lot 12Flyer
4Forge (former Piedmont Shirt Factory)FlyerPhoto/Topo Map
2Greenville Downtown Airport - Woods Lake Rd SiteFlyerPhoto/Topo MapRunway Access

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Rail Access: Rail Access Runway Access: Runway Access Opportunity Zones: Opportunity Zones

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