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Wage & Salary Data

The lower overall cost of doing business in Greenville, SC compared to other markets has helped establish the region as a premier destination for many world-class companies, and the affordability of the local work force is a key area where this advantage is frequently realized. Businesses considering an expansion or relocation to Greenville, SC will directly benefit from the area’s competitive wage and salary rates. This feature – paired with other positive work force characteristics like our highly-educated labor pool and low unionization levels – allows new and expanding businesses in diverse industries to recruit top talent at a significant cost savings.

We have made the following wage and salary information available to demonstrate our advantage in this area compared to other markets. For additional data on wage and salary rates for workers in Greenville, SC and the surrounding areas, please contact us today.

Employment & Wages by Occupation Greenville MSA

Occupation Title / (Occupational Code)2017 Employment2017 Mean Hourly Wage2017 Median Hourly Wage
All Occupations401,590$20.78 $16.05
Management (11-0000)17,480$43.38 $49.76
Business & Financial (13-0000)15,100$30.12 $27.12
Computer & Mathematical (15-0000)8,200$34.16 $30.77
Architecture and Engineering (17-0000)9,200$38.93 $36.27
Life, Physical and Social Science (19-0000)1,510$28.80 $25.54
Community and Social Services (21-0000)3,800$21.37 $19.01
Legal (23-0000)2,080$45.44 $31.10
Education, Training and Library (25-0000)21,990$25.26 $23.57
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media (27-0000)3,750$25.31 $20.56
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical (29-0000)24,260$36.47 $27.04
Healthcare Support (31-0000)10,600$13.57 $12.40
Protective Service (33-0000)7,220$17.40 $16.27
Food Preparation and Serving Related (35-0000)36,560$10.26 $9.14
Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance (37-0000)12,160$11.23 $10.55
Personal Care and Service (39-0000)10,680$10.73 $9.28
Sales and Related (41-0000)42,420$16.52 $11.93
Office and Administrative Support (43-0000)57,870$16.61 $15.42
Farming, Fishing, and Forestry (45-0000)190$14.76 $13.40
Construction and Extraction (47-0000)13,170$19.79 $17.96
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair (49-0000)17,440$21.54 $20.48
Production (51-0000)55,330$17.61 $16.01
Transportation and Material Moving (53-0000)30,580$15.15 $13.88

Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin MSA is composed of Greenville, Anderson, Laurens and Pickens Counties.
Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Occupational Employment Statistics (OES).  May 2017 Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Area Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates.

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