Employer-Employee Relations – Greenville Area Development Corporation

South Carolina is a right-to-work state and an employment-at-will state.  Employer-Employee Relations in South Carolina are very stable, and the state consistently ranks as one of the least unionized in the nation.  According to Unionstats.com, South Carolina’s 2021 unionization rate is the lowest in the country at 1.7% for all employees, and 1.1% for private sector employees. South Carolina has one of the lowest work stoppage rates in the nation, averaging less than 0.01 percent working time lost due to strikes.

In 2021, the unionization rate for the Greenville MSA was only 0.3% (Private Sector). Additionally, the Greenville MSA is the least unionized MSA in the United States, as stated in a past Arthur Anderson Study. There have been no reported work stoppages reported in Greenville County in the past ten years.

Greenville is also home to several of the nation’s leading labor law firms.  A united community effort is made to minimize the need for unions. This includes an emphasis on good management practices, employee participation, plus an emphasis on positive human relations programs.

Greenville County Employers with Union Representation

The Greenville News *ITUNewspapers
House of Raeford / Columbia Farms *IBT/UFCWProcessed poultry
Ryder Integrated LogisticsIBTMotor freight transportation
Duke Power CompanyIBEWElectric/Gas
Pet Dairy - DistributionIBTDairy products
PNG PropaneIBEWElectric/Gas
Pomeroy (Tolt Solutions)IBEWCustomer care center
PAE (Defense Support Group)IAMDOD supplier (office)

* Manufacturer. Source: Greenville Area Development Corporation, September 2016

Ten Year Summary of Unionized Workforce Activity

  •    Work Stoppages: None
  •    Strikes: None
  •    Walkouts: None

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