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Workforce Availability

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YearGreenville CountyGreenville MSA *
2018 Annual Average247,834424,507
2017 Annual Average247,356 424,492
2016 Annual Average245,193422,973
2015 Annual Average238,204412,593
2014 Annual Average233,231409,882

Source: South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce and complied by Infomentum


YearGreenville CountyGreenville MSA *
2018 Annual Average240,214410,710
2017 Annual Average238,271408,594
2016 Annual Average234,584403,675
2015 Annual Average225,991390,135
2014 Annual Average221,069387,513

Source: South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce and complied by Infomentum


YearGreenville CountyGreenville MSA *
2018 Annual Average (Unemployment Rate)7,620 (3.1%)13,797 (3.3%)
2017 Annual Average (Unemployment Rate)9,085 (3.7%)15,897 (3.8%)
2016 Annual Average (Unemployment Rate)10,609 (4.3%)19,298 (4.6%)
2015 Annual Average (Unemployment Rate)12,213 (5.1%)22,455 (5.4%)
2014 Annual Average (Unemployment Rate)12,162 (5.2%)22,369 (5.5%)

Source: South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce and complied by Infomentum
* Greenville MSA = Greenville, Anderson, Laurens and Pickens Counties

Expanded Labor Pool (Potential Employees)

SourcePotential Employees
Workers Commuting Out of Greenville County (2015)33,854
Upstate SC High School Graduates (2016)13,842
Total Degree Awarded by Upstate Colleges and Universities (2017-2018) 52,232
Students Enrollment in Upstate Colleges and Universities (2016)83,484
Total Potential Employees183,412

Source: U.S. Census Bureau 2011-2015 5-Year American Community Survey Commuting Flows; SC Department of Education; SC Commission on Higher Education; Greenville Area Development Corporation

Commuting Patterns

2014 data showed that over 62,000 Greenville County residents commuted to jobs in other Upstate counties. Experience shows that workers in this group would take comparable jobs closer to home if given the opportunity.

Persons Reaching Employment Age (High School Graduates)

One of the largest groups of potential employees is considered to be those turning 18 each year in the Upstate.  Almost 10,000 students graduated from Upstate high schools in 2015. Of those graduating from high school, about 73.5% will continue on with their education. Most of the remaining graduates will enter the workforce.

College and Tech Graduates

Upstate South Carolina four-year Colleges and Universities produced almost 12,000 graduates each year.  Technical Colleges and two-year colleges produced another 5,500 graduates.

College Students

Those attending colleges in the Upstate account for an enrollment over 80,000. These students are potential interns, co-op partners, as well as part-time and seasonal employees.  This pool of talent provides companies a low-cost alternative for high quality white-collar support positions. Research shows that a majority of these graduates will remain in the area after graduation.

Other Considerations:

A 2009 Pathfinders Report estimates that 9,400 individuals in the Greenville MSA, who are not currently employed or actively seeking work, would consider re-entering the workforce. This group is mostly female (75 percent), generally well-educated and fully capable of entering the workforce, given sufficient opportunity and motivation.

The under-employed represent a large sector of potential employees.  These employees work 40 hours per week in jobs in which they are overqualified.  As a group, they have a strong work ethic and are among the first to respond to more rewarding job opportunities.  In 2009, Pathfinders reported the skills of 81,800 underemployed persons in the Greenville MSA.

Skills of 81,800 Underemployed for the Greenville MSA

SkillsNumber with Skills
Office Operations49,900
Medical / Health Services13,900
Warehouse / Materials Handling45,800
Manufacturing / Assembly / Fabrication46,600
Information Technology36,000
Technician / Quality Assurance23,700
Maintenance / Installation / Repair31,100
Electronics / Engineering18,000

Note: Individuals could report multiple skill sets.
Source: Pathfinders Independent Study, September 2009

  • Those willing to upgrade to New Job for $12.00/hour: 13,600
  • Those willing to upgrade to New Job for $16.00/hour: 37,300

Source: Pathfinders Independent Study, September 2009

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