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Encompassing everything from innovative biotech companies to specialty manufacturing facilities, Greenville, SC is home to a diverse range of business and industry, and many companies in Greenville and throughout the Upstate of South Carolina are widely recognized as strong competitors in the global marketplace.

A Premier Destination for Diverse Industries

As a medium-sized market, the ten-county Upstate region makes up one of the strongest manufacturing centers in the country. The region is known for its ability to attract international and domestic firms by providing a pro-business environment and all the amenities necessary for business growth. And as Harvard Business School professor and author Rosabeth Moss Kanter writes in World Class: Thriving Locally in the Global Economy, “The history of the region’s economic development is a lesson for business and community leaders seeking to understand what is required to achieve world-class status and bring local residents into the world economy.”

Greenville County is the centerpiece of the region considered to be the “economic engine of South Carolina” and the most populous county in the state. Since its beginning as a small farming community in 1786, Greenville County has grown into a large and diverse metropolitan area and one of the southeast region’s premier areas for business. Over the past thirty-five years, Greenville has transformed itself from the textile capital of the world to a destination for a diverse industry base that includes corporate office, manufacturing, and warehousing/distribution operations. Greenville is now home to world-class companies such as Lockheed, General Electric, and IBM.

Continued Economic Growth Potential

Businesses are drawn to the Greenville, SC area by our favorable tax rates, market accessibility, and the quality and availability of our workforce. In fact, the Greenville Metro Area was rated among the top medium-sized cities in the nation for job growth in 2014, and was listed Number 6 on Forbes Magazine’s list of “America’s Engineering Capitals” in 2014.

Further evidence of our area’s strong economic growth is readily available: Greenville County has announced over $1.2 Billion in new capital investment and 8,940 new jobs in the last five years, while the SC Department of Commerce indicates that Greenville is home to more corporate headquarters than any other region in SC.

With a wealth of pro-business amenities and a well-diversified existing business and industry base, Greenville, SC is positioned for continued economic growth. Manufacturing, biosciences, and other key industry sectors will find that the region provides an inviting, robust environment that supports their success.

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