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Business Climate

An Inviting Pro-Business Climate

The dynamic pro-business climate in Greenville, SC is supported by corporate tax incentives, workforce development programs, an entrepreneurial network of resources, and other features designed to give area businesses a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

The founding of the Greenville Area Development Corporation (GADC) in 2001 is another indicator of the community’s pro-business status. By advancing initiatives that promote the success of both new and existing businesses, the GADC helps establish and maintain an environment where businesses of all types can thrive.

Market Access

A key feature of the Greenville area is its exceptional accessibility. The region is served by a network of major highways, the Greenville-Spartanburg International airport, several smaller airports, and Amtrak. Learn More

Market Conditions

Businesses are drawn to Greenville, SC because the area offers the necessary market conditions for sustained growth, from favorable corporate tax incentives and a productive workforce to robust real estate options. Learn More

Existing Business & Industry

As one of the Southeast’s premier destinations for a range of diverse industries, Greenville is home to Fortune 500 companies, manufacturing facilities, warehousing/distribution operations, and more. Learn More

Work Force

The ample, skilled workforce in Greenville, SC is enhanced by workforce development programs designed to meet long-term recruitment and training needs. Learn More

Taxes, Incentives & Training

The area provides aggressive incentives to support projects in Greenville, SC. Corporate tax incentives, cash reimbursements, accelerated depreciation, and other options are available. Learn More


Greenville is a hub for international business, with more than 350 international companies located in the region and the highest foreign investment per capita in the country. Learn More

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