Strategic Plan – Greenville Area Development Corporation

Request for Qualifications


September 9, 2020 – The GADC has issued a Request for Qualifications for Consulting Services to provide an Economic Development Strategy and Implementation Plan. 

To view –  GADC Strategic Plan RFQ September 9, 2020.  Responses are due October 30, 2020.


GADC Strategic Plan RFQ Frequently Asked Questions:


Why does this RFQ not contain detailed elements seen in more traditional economic development strategic plans?

It is our hope that by providing a less detailed list of more traditional expected deliverables, the Respondent will have the prescriptive freedom to provide a truly unique and innovative plan.

Why is the expected cost range so broad?

The cost range is the result of budget research performed for similar sized-communities. GADC feels novelty and invention aren’t a function of price, but rather of expertise and company priorities.

When was the last strategic plan done for Greenville County?

While there have been several goal-oriented, annual reviews done recently, the last comprehensive strategic plan was done in 2011.

What would GADC define as a clearly successful strategic plan?

In this dynamic economic development environment, GADC wants Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART) strategies that will maximize our opportunities for sustainable growth and continue established momentum.

What if my firm is considering submitting a response to the RFQ but has questions?

If there are questions regarding the RFQ, please send them to