Strategic Plan – Greenville Area Development Corporation

Request for Qualifications


September 9, 2020 – The GADC has issued a Request for Qualifications for Consulting Services to provide an Economic Development Strategy and Implementation Plan. 

To view –  GADC Strategic Plan RFQ September 9, 2020.  Responses are due October 30, 2020.


GADC Strategic Plan RFQ Frequently Asked Questions:


Why does this RFQ not contain detailed elements seen in more traditional economic development strategic plans?

It is our hope that by providing a less detailed list of more traditional expected deliverables, the Respondent will have the prescriptive freedom to provide a truly unique and innovative plan.

Why is the expected cost range so broad?

The cost range is the result of budget research performed for similar sized-communities. GADC feels novelty and invention aren’t a function of price, but rather of expertise and company priorities.

When was the last strategic plan done for Greenville County?

While there have been several goal-oriented, annual reviews done recently, the last comprehensive strategic plan was done in 2011.

What would GADC define as a clearly successful strategic plan?

In this dynamic economic development environment, GADC wants Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART) strategies that will maximize our opportunities for sustainable growth and continue established momentum.

What if my firm is considering submitting a response to the RFQ but has questions?

If there are questions regarding the RFQ, please send them to

Does the proposal need to be dropped off in person? While delivery doesn’t mean a personal visit, we simply need to distribute the items to the committee responsible for evaluating the proposals. UPS, FedEx, etc. is fine but we were concerned that we’d have to print them anyway and might not provide the best re-creation of graphics, or other details the respondents may have intended.

Does GADC have an exisitng relationship or contract with a firm for data or data analytics? That depends on what specific type of data is being referenced but the general answer is “yes.”

On page 3 of the RFQ, it is stated that one of the ways GADC works to accelerate growth and critical objectives is to market Greenville County to key audiences.  How do these align or differ from operations in conjunction with regional or state groups such as Upstate Alliance?   Both state and local organizations partner with GADC for marketing opportunities although the concept in mind here is finding ways to innovate those initiatives at the local level using whatever techniques or strategies that can be more effective.  The traditional target markets for Greenville are relatively similar to both state and regional and can be found here:

We are aware of shipping delays and are working to make sure we send our proposal well in advance of the Friday 12 noon deadline. With that said, if a delay occurs can we at least demonstrate our attempt to make sure the proposal was delivered on time and therefore have the proposal accepted?  As long as a digital copy is submitted before the deadline, the hard copies could arrive later assuming they were within a couple of days.

Is there a desired time line for completion of the planning process?  We anticipate the process from due diligence to final product may take as long as one year although the finish date would be designated once the final agreement is in place between GADC and the selected vendor.