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About Us

The Greenville Area Development Corporation (GADC) is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of Greenville County, SC. Since its founding by Greenville County Council in 2001, GADC efforts have resulted in the creation of over 31,000 new jobs and more than $5.9 billion in capital investment in Greenville County. The organization’s continued successes are demonstrated by the innovative, dynamic, and inviting nature of our community.

The GADC provides comprehensive resources and supports key initiatives to further the area’s economic growth, including: educational and legislative programs, strategic research tools, and business development consulting services. We also provide information about the Greenville, SC area and serve as a liaison between client companies and various community organizations.  In addition, the GADC is the only organization at the local level that has legislative authority to negotiate incentives for new and expanding companies.

We work with business executives, site selection consultants, community leaders, government agencies, and others to accelerate growth and further critical objectives:

  • Generate new business, jobs, and investment
  • Promote and support infrastructure development
  • Retain and grow existing businesses, jobs, and investment
  • Market Greenville County to key audiences


The mission of the GADC is to improve the quality of life of every Greenville County citizen by facilitating investment and job growth from new and existing companies and serving as an intermediary for client companies with local and state government and the Greenville business community. Our mission will be furthered by coordinating the resources of the GADC with other community-based groups dedicated to promoting economic development.


The GADC is funded primarily by local tax dollars, but it also receives supplemental marketing funds from private-sector investors.


With more than 50 years of cumulative economic development experience, our staff can provide professional, innovative business development consulting services and economic development assistance for new and expanding industries in Greenville, SC.

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