Commercial Property for Sale or Lease

Throughout the Greenville, SC area, abundant commercial property is available for sale or lease, including competitive rate office buildings, R&D facilities, flex and warehouse space, office parks, and other types of commercial real estate. The Greenville Area Development Corporation (GADC) maintains an online inventory of available commercial properties for sale or lease, making it easy to search for properties that meet the specifications of your organization.


If you need the flexibility and customization options provided by undeveloped land, the GADC can provide assistance with site selection to find a location that suits your expansion or relocation requirements.


A variety of available industrial or business park choices simplifies the process of finding a Greenville, SC commercial property for sale or lease that will work for your business.

Office Buildings

From versatile design and functionality features to specific location and cost criteria, Greenville has an extensive selection of office buildings to meet a range of unique needs.

Industrial Buildings

The Greenville, SC area has many prime industrial buildings suitable for a range of specialized requirements. The diverse selection includes buildings featuring easy interstate access, air and rail facilities, and more.

If you are considering expanding or relocating your business, your GADC team can provide additional information about available Greenville, SC commercial property for sale or lease. We can also assist with incentive negotiation, workforce data, local networking, and more to support the success of your business or project.