Upstate International’s Community Programming

Tracie Frese, Executive director for UI recognized another hole in the organization’s operations community programming. Often times in the Upstate, larger service center businesses will bring in international experts for their corporate use. Therefore UI faced the question, how do we have opportunities for the broader based community to hear from international experts or ambassadors and discuss a current hot topic? How do we help the Greenville community as a whole engage? Tracie believed people of the Upstate needed an opportunity to “engage globally with current events and foreign policy.” With that, UI joined the World Affairs Council of America allow the public to be engaged in political foreign affairs.

On April 27th, UI’s World Affairs Council of America will host an exciting forum on “Global Fluency.” UI will be bringing in a foreign dignitary to speak on topics focused on how to market and write contacts internationally, and how to negotiate, build trust, and communicate across cultures in a business setting. This Global Fluency Forum will stretch over the course of multiple days and targets business of all sizes, the Upstate public, and even students. The programming will begin with a half day training led by the Brad Gosche Senior Director of Global Fluency Institute in Ohio. In addition, the World Affairs Council of America is partnering with “Ten at the Top” to feature Global Fluency as that week’s Forum. The Global Fluency Ten at the Top will feature a key-note speaker and a panel of executives speaking on their experience working internationally. There will be a networking reception following the panel. Patrick Terrien, head of the World Affairs Council Columbus, will be coming to the Upstate to visit Universities and deliver the seminar on Global Fluency. It will give college students insight to the challenges of international business. Stay tuned to learn about UI’s core strengths as an organization.

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