Upstate International

Greenville County has been recognized for its thriving business activity. Nestled in the Southeast, Greenville is home to large manufacturing corporations such as Michelin, Mitsubishi, BMW, Samsung, Bosch Rexroth, amongst many more. Notice the connection between these corporations? Hint: they are all international and have chosen Greenville for their US roots. This is an indication that Greenville is truly a “hub of international activity.” Look around, chances are you live, work, and play with a diverse group of people.   Being a county that is home to such diversity, GADC would like to highlight Upstate International as an organization that bonds Greenville and the surrounding Upstate to create a cohesive and flourishing business environment.

Upstate International (UI) is a non-profit organization that exists to “empower people and businesses of all nations to thrive in the Upstate by connecting them through programs, events, and initiatives that foster the dynamic exchange of international cultures and ideas.” It was created 19 years ago by 3 individuals who reached out to Michelin, the City of Greenville, and Clemson University to connect the international people living here with the South Carolinians. Initially, UI’s offerings were limited to relocation services, language classes, the international women’s club, and other services centered around helping trailing spouses and families with their international relocation problems. Today, UI is home to many different events and impressive community programming. Stay tuned to learn more about UI’s extensive offerings and how the organization fosters diversity in the Upstate.

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