Upstate International – Why Greenville?

Upstate International is a non-profit organization that certainly brings greatness to Greenville County. Although located in downtown Greenville, it is important to realize that UI’s scope has a cross-county affect all over the Upstate. So why be located in Greenville? UI’s Executive Director Tracie Frese describes Greenville as “natural fit when you look at the economic impact that global diversity has had here.” Besides the enormous economic impact the large international manufacturing companies have on the county, the City of Greenville also reaps many benefits from having UI located in its downtown.

Salsa at Sunset is arguably the most engaging UI event for citizens of Greenville and the Upstate. This event occurs once a month in June, July, and August at the outdoor Peace Center Amphitheater and offers attendees the opportunity to dance to Latin music on a summer evening. Upstate International provides this event to the community completely free of charge. This is a “real community event” that “engages people from the ages of 5-85 whether they’re dancing or sitting on benches talking to their neighbors.” More than just cultivating an international experience, this event also has a significant economic impact. As hundreds come out from all over the Southeast, Greenville’s restaurants, shops, and hotels all reap the monetary benefits.

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