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Getting There From Here by Expanding Public Transportation – A GADC CEO Perspective

Recently, a coalition of groups including the Greenville Area Development Corporation helped with a study to assess how several changes in the existing public transportation network could enhance workforce participation. Commonly recognized as one of the biggest barriers to employment in the Greenville area, the Workforce Data Collaborative study confirmed that Greenlink changes including longer [...]

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Upstate SC Alliance launches regional export plan

GSA Business Based on a market assessment and analysis of the region’s export economy, the Upstate SC Alliance yesterday released a report with a new export strategy that focuses more on small businesses and looks to build on Upstate success in attracting foreign-owned companies. The plan outlines steps for business, community and government leaders [...]

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Greenville’s Proterra – Clean, Green, Quiet

Using the latest in composites technology, automotive engineering and clean-fuel advances, Greenville-based Proterra’s EcoRide BE35 battery-electric bus scored the best ever for achieving full-sized passenger bus fuel economy (22 MPG equivalent) and lowest noise (ten times lower than prior record) in recent Federal Transit Administration’s Altoona bus testing. The testing simulates 12 years of vehicle [...]

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