Diamonds, Disaster Recovery and DNA Analysis – Tech Ecosystem Takes Root in Greenville

From disaster recovery software to polymer technology, biomedical engineering to molecular diagnostics, Greenville is home to a burgeoning tech ecosystem. High-impact technology companies are locating or launching in Greenville — Scio Diamond, Lab 21 and Servosity among them – drawn by the community’s strengths in engineering, life sciences, advanced manufacturing and an entrepreneurial streak that runs deeply through the community.

It’s paying off in a big way for Greenville, which is retaining local tech talent while drawing top minds from around the globe to a community renowned for its quality of life, talented and diverse workforce, and business-friendly climate.

British medical diagnostics company Lab 21 is analyzing DNA in a state-of-the-art molecular diagnostics lab here. Servosity is adding dozens of well-paying software and systems engineers and developers for their back-up and disaster recovery solutions. Scio Diamond has developed a patent-protected chemical deposition process to produce high-quality, single-crystal diamonds in a laboratory setting. Dozens of other companies are also excelling here.

Community-business collaboration has been the key, with high tech business incubators, start-up acceleration programs, high schools that pair students with businesses all in place or on the way. Truly, the tech ecosystem is flourishing in Greenville, South Carolina.

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