Homegrown Executive chooses Greenville for the Opportunity for Impact

Clearly, Greenville County has benefited from the 22 short months that the Greenville Center for the Creative Arts has existed here. Although, the relationship is two-fold, and the GCCA has similarly profited from being grounded in Greenville. Besides the “robust economy” that undoubtedly caters to the health of an Arts Center, Cherington Shucker, Executive Director at GCCA, is the perfect example of an executive’s view of the benefits of living and working in Greenville. Born and raised in Greenville, Cherington spent her twenties living nomadically between Alabama, Pittsburgh, Europe, China, Asia, and finally New York. Cherington explained that what she is most proud of is that out of all these incredible experiences in these larger cities, her hometown of Greenville, SC attracted her back. Even with initially no job or place to live, Cherington and her family confidently ventured back to Greenville reassured that, unlike with other cities, they could make an impact in Greenville.

Cherington describes how Greenville has grown tremendously since her time attending Traveler’s Rest High School. She reminisced how the popular areas changed from McAlister Square (where Greenville Tech now exists) to Haywood Road, to Pelham Road, and then to Woodruff Road in her absence. Despite all the changes, the vibrant quality of life of Greenville offers remains constant. Cherington defends Greenville by saying, “all the wonderful traits of southern are here; hospitality and making time for others.” Furthermore, Greenville has “the cultural life that a New York has, but the affordability and accessibility is also here.” And to end with my personal favorite, Greenville offers a place where you can “take off your shoes and run around in the grass.”

Whether you’re popping in for a visit, or interested in enrolling in a class, find more information from the GCCA website below:
In addition to being open Monday-Friday 9:00 – 5:00 pm and 11:00 am – 3:00 pm on Saturdays, GCCA is open for First Fridays in the Village and offer a free kid’s art activity, rotating exhibits and a full range of studio artists to interact with regularly.
More information visit www.artcentergreenville.org or 25 Draper Street 29611

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