Aryana Thriving in Greenville’s Diversity

The primary factor that stimulates Nelo Mayar, Owner and Chef of Aryana Afghan Restaurant, is how diversity is embraced in Greenville. After living in Texas and Pennsylvania, Nelo confidently says that Greenville is the most diverse city she has lived in. She notes how seeing different cultures makes her happy because she can physically see in Greenville how it’s all Americans, natural-born and immigrants alike, that diversify the country we all love. Just look towards some of the biggest names in the Greenville business culture to confirm the county’s diversity. The German based BMW, French based Michelin, South Korean based Samsung, Japanese-based Mitsubishi, and many more international companies. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, South Carolina is 4th in the Nation for the percent of private-industry employment in foreign companies. Nelo specifically enjoys being a member of Upstate International located right here in Greenville.

Although this was not a factor in deciding to open her business, Nelo remarks on how Greenville’s robust economy benefits both herself and her business. First off, she praises Greenville for being a beautiful city where she has access to nice neighborhoods, parks, and school systems for a minimal cost. It is obvious the quality of life in Greenville makes living here beneficial. What is not so apparent is the strong economy that makes opening and managing business in Greenville so achievable. After 23 years of living in America and six living here, Nelo calls Greenville her home. She describes the southern charm of this area perfectly, reciting Greenville as a beautiful city with a nice downtown that is home to people who will “take time for the little things – manners.” Nelo’s favorite part of downtown is Liberty Bridge where she can watch the water run over Falls Park and the people go by passing in and out of restaurants and shops.


Hungry for a taste of Aryana? For more information you can visit their website here

Or stop in for business hours Tuesday – Sunday 11AM – 3PM.

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